Common Mistakes of a Newbie Marketer

common mistakes of the newbie marketer

Common Mistakes of a Newbie Marketer

As the old proverb goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” and all of us, as internet marketers, have taken that same step.

Why is it then that some succeed in this mystical Willy Wonka land of internet marketing, while others end up much like Augustus Gloop – being stuck in the machine and not getting anywhere?

Top Ten Niches for 2016

Here are my Top Ten Niches for the rest of 2016!

When trying to build a business and break through those ceilings that all businesses find themselves stuck beneath from time to time, it is important to never lose sight of the horizon.

As business owners we should be like Leopards scanning the horizon looking for prey.

Our prey, is the next “big thing”.

The product that we can get into during the infancy of it’s upswing.

I’m gonna throw this damn computer out the window ! – Or how I was saved by Pixel Studio FX

Hey there,

Ever felt that way ?

Trying to learn something new and find yourself getting just more and more frustrated ?

About 5 years ago, after being let down continuously by the “Prima Donna” designer I was working with,  I decided I was going to learn photoshop.

So, I grabbed a bumper pack of Redbull, a family size bag of Cheetos and some indigestion tablets (well it looked like I’d need them) and locked myself away with my laptop.

5 tips for Successfully Working from Home

Many of you guys, like me, will have made the decision to run your empire from the comfort of your own home and you are in good company.

Statistics published by Forbes suggest that in the US alone, home based businesses account for a massive 14 million small enterprises, all contributing a significant proportion of total business that takes place in the US.

So you should congratulate yourself.

Don’t be an Island – The Importance of Networking

The Internet marketing industry is an isolating career at times. You work from home, usually on solo projects, and except for the occasional forum and chat room participation, you don’t have the opportunity to interact with others.

Some newbie ‘net marketers take it to an extreme level of isolation, never branding their name, watching forum posts from the sidelines, too scared to put themselves out there for judgment in the marketplace.

But networking will help you make big gains as an online marketer.

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