Finding the Confidence to Succeed

Finding the confidence to succeed

There is no such a thing as failure.

Let me assure you of that.

I’m not trying to be motivational, as such, I just want you to find the confidence to succeed.

And I’m definitely not one of those people who believe we are all winners just because we took part.

Nope, I know there are winners and losers in all aspects of life.

What I want you to try and get your head around is a concept that you simply cannot fail – because failure does not exist.

There is only Action or In-Action.

Avoid Paralysis by Analysis words in cut out papers pinned to a

Action moves you towards your goals.

In-Action does nothing, just leaves you stuck effectively in limbo.

Many people are so paralyzed by the fear of failure that they end up in that downward spiral of inaction completely out of control and trapped by the “boogie man” inside their own head.

These people need to realize that the path to success is NEVER straight forward, there is no smooth sailing in business.

Successful entrepreneurs take massive imperfect action, and if the results are not good or maybe even bad, that’s fine !

FINE !!!  FINE !!! FINE !!!

How can a bad result be fine?

Because there is no such thing as failure !   

Those results are simply feedback, intel, a blip in the road, that tells us we need to adjust what we did and try again.

And so we do.

We try again and if necessary we adjust again.

And so the cycle continues until we have exhausted every way for something not to work and find that golden ticket to success.  The formula that does work.

Remember, Thomas Edison found 10,000 ways to not make a lightbulb work before he found his golden ticket.

Action Changes Things written on chalkboard

Just imagine what our world may have looked like if he had allowed himself to succumb to fear and the voices of doubt inside.

So have the confidence to face your business knowing that you can never fail as long as you continue to place one foot in front of the other – moving towards your goals taking massive imperfect action.

To your successful online adventure,


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