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jon bowtell
Business Mentor – Jon Bowtell


Fellow entrepreneurs and financial freedom seekers – you have arrived at your new home from home.

Here in my members site and blog, I teach, enlighten, inform, share, motivate, pat on the back, commiserate and, when required, kick in the pants.

But who the hell am I and why should you listen to anything I have to say?

Well, if you’re looking for someone who’s going to kiss ass and tell you everything you are currently doing is perfect, then maybe you shouldn’t.

But if you are looking for real, honest advice to help propel your success online, then you should listen to the guy who generated nearly $90 million over the last 5 years.

B.S. I hear you cry!

No, seriously, $90 Million in less than 5 years – I even took a polygraph to prove it to all you doubting Thomas’s!

Check it out: http://visiondirect.evsuite.com/longvsqeezepolygraph/

I have had an incredible journey in internet marketing and have been able to create a lifestyle that has surpassed my wildest dreams. I am now dedicated to sharing what I have learned, passing this information on so that others can experience the joy of living life with true financial freedom.

Freedom to:

  • Live Mortgage Free
  • Take Luxury Vacations (while your business runs on autopilot)
  • Eat in the Best Restaurants
  • Travel First Class
  • Own a Luxury Car
  • Cover College Tuition Without Thinking


Now, as I said, if you’re looking for someone to sugar coat things, you should mosey on to the next corral, cowboy.

But, if you want some “real world” advice from a guy who has been there and back and (didn’t just buy the T-shirt) but bought the whole damn T-shirt factory, then, pick your membership level, grab your credit card and come on in and sit a spell.


Executive Level includes:

  • Full access to my 7 step video trainings – The key to going from newbie to $10K per month earner

Never feel overwhelmed again – my hours of video trainings are broken down into manageable sized modules sent to you over a series of weeks.

Together they form “The Seven Wonders of Internet Success”.

Covering such areas as:


Niche Research

Product Creation

Site Creation



The Backend

Hours of video training which is regularly added to.

  • Access to the 7 Wonders of Internet Success Webinar
  • Access to the 7 Wonders of Internet Success Webinar Q & A Videos – updated weekly
  • Access to my daily Master Motivation emails
  • Access to all of my blog posts
  • Access to all of my articles, including: insider tips, inspirational stories, my journal, and marketing advice – new articles added every week
  • Access to the “Ask Jon” video archives – Each week I share my years of knowledge by answering business questions put forward by the public- updated weekly
  • Access to ‘Product Recommendation of the week” – where possible this will include either special bonuses for you, or a discounted price
  • SPECIAL BONUS – Brainstorm and connect with fellow entrepreneurs in our exclusive Facebook Group


I have paved a pathway to success, let me guide you down it…..


Level Price  
Master $5,000.00 every 6 Months. Customers in ME will be charged 5.5% tax. Select
Director $99.00 per Month. Customers in ME will be charged 5.5% tax. Select
Executive $49.00 per Month. Customers in ME will be charged 5.5% tax. Select