This $99 Gadget Turns Your Smartphone Into A 3D Printer

smartphone 3D printer

I found this interesting article that I thought you might like to read. It’s awesome how far technology has progressed!

3D printers have been set for big things for a long time. But as rapid as their recent boost in popularity has been, they’re pretty clunky machines and generally not on the cheap side.However, a San Francisco-based startup has plans to release a 3D printer for your smartphone, all for under $100.

OLOis being launched through a Kickstarter campaign, which has already smashed its $80,000 target eight times over with a total of more than $650,000 raised.

5 eCom Businesses Which Turned SIMPLE Ideas Into Millions Of Dollars

When you have been around as long as I have in the online world, you tend to see things come and go and then come again. 

Some of you reading this may remember the late 90’s early 2000’s and the Dot Com boom where simply adding an ‘e’ to the start of your company name or a  “dot com” to the end would increase the stock value of your company exponentially.

For those of you that don’t remember, think the wild west and early prospecting, without the dirt and sweat stains but with all of the cut throat aggression and heavy drinking.

Literally companies with no real business plan or structure were being snapped up by venture capitalist for tens of millions of dollars only to spectacularly fail a few months later when somebody actually pointed out there was no real way to make any money out of these flimsy “cool named” companies.

By 2001 a spectacular collapse happened when, as these things tend to, everything came to a head and stock prices crashed.  Billions were lost as companies folded left and right.


But when the dust settled and the debris was cleared away, guess who was left ……

Common Mistakes of a Newbie Marketer

common mistakes of the newbie marketer

Common Mistakes of a Newbie Marketer

As the old proverb goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step” and all of us, as internet marketers, have taken that same step.

Why is it then that some succeed in this mystical Willy Wonka land of internet marketing, while others end up much like Augustus Gloop – being stuck in the machine and not getting anywhere?

The Importance of Social Media

the importance of social media 1

The Importance of Social Media

Wake up Grandpa, and smell the future !

It’s pungent, sticky and it might make you gag, but it here and its here to stay.

What is it ?

It’s Social Media and if you are not embracing it, it’s time to lower the belt from just below your nipples and get hip with the cool kids ;P 

Because the importance of social media should not be underestimated, it’s an insanely powerful tool for all of your marketing efforts.

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