The Importance of Social Media

the importance of social media 1

The Importance of Social Media

Wake up Grandpa, and smell the future !

It’s pungent, sticky and it might make you gag, but it here and its here to stay.

What is it ?

It’s Social Media and if you are not embracing it, it’s time to lower the belt from just below your nipples and get hip with the cool kids ;P 

Because the importance of social media should not be underestimated, it’s an insanely powerful tool for all of your marketing efforts.

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Linked In


Google Plus




To name just the top few, they have between them 2,245,000,000 active monthly users !

That is nearly 1/3 of the entire worlds population in just SEVEN SITES !

If you are willing to ignore that kind of power and reach, then, as they say up north, “you need your bumps feeling”. (head checking to all non-northerners!)

I get it, I do.

Social Media is scary.

The importance of social media

It gives you the same feeling as walking into a upscale coffee shop and trying decipher the menu.  It’s all caramel macciachio this, and skinny dipped latte that, when all you really want is a good Cup of Joe with enough caffeine to wake up the dead………..


But scary is good,  scary means you are pushing boundary’s, and pushing boundary’s is how you grow – both spiritually as a person, and on the bottom line of your business as well.

You will soon discover that social media is not the scary monster you have built it up to be.

It’s not totally full of emo kids with freaky clothes, black hair and pierced extremities, just waiting for the opportunity to pour derision on your comments.

Most people on social media, as in life, are nice, polite, pleasant, good company and happy to help out a newbie trying to navigate their way around.

Remember social media is a tool. That’s all.

Like a cordless drill or a can opener.

You just need to figure out which tool suits your particular “job” and that,  like virtually everything in marketing comes down to testing.

To your successful online adventure,


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