This $99 Gadget Turns Your Smartphone Into A 3D Printer

smartphone 3D printer

I found this interesting article that I thought you might like to read. It’s awesome how far technology has progressed!

3D printers have been set for big things for a long time. But as rapid as their recent boost in popularity has been, they’re pretty clunky machines and generally not on the cheap side.However, a San Francisco-based startup has plans to release a 3D printer for your smartphone, all for under $100.

OLOis being launched through a Kickstarter campaign, which has already smashed its $80,000 target eight times over with a total of more than $650,000 raised.

The OLO 3D printer allows users to create three-dimensional prints using the light from their smartphone screen. Youcan choose your choice of design from an existing 3D design platform that is compatible with the OLO app.The printer uses a photopolymerresin that hardens under the white light of thescreen. The light emitted from thescreen’s image reacts with the resinand sets it stiff. The printer then hoists it up and a new layer of resin is “poured” in to react with the light.

Check out the video at the bottom for more of an insight into how the printer works.

Image credit: OLO/YouTube/MakeGIF

The start-up also have plans to link the whole experience to social media, allowing users to share their raw designs and images of their final products with others.

Four AA batteries will get you 100 prints (it’s not clear how long each taketo make, though), and the device isdescribed as a virtually noiseless mechanism. It also works with smartphones of almost any size or brand, including the monolithic displays of the iPhone 6S+ or Galaxy A7.

The team have been fine-tuning their design for over two years with the hope of making it simple enough for first-timers yet sufficient enough for professionals. Overall, its remarkably simplecomprised of just seven plastic parts, one chip, a motor, and four AA batteries. Most outstanding of all, the creators of OLOsay it willcost as little as $99.

As OLO is still in its crowdfunding stage, there’s no guarantee it will make it onto shelves. However, judging by the success of the Kickstarter, it is lookingpromising that they will reach their target to commercially produce their first models around September 2016.



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